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Bead wrapped Hoop earrings

DIY Beaded hoop earrings – Wrapping technique

These beaded hoop earrings are made by wrapping beads in a pattern – quick and easy to make. The technique can be extended to make hoop earrings in different patterns and with different kinds of beads.

Beaded Hoop earrings

Supplies Needed:


Tools Needed:

  1. Wire Cutter
  2. Flat Nose Pliers

How to make beaded hoop earrings:

Step 1:

Start by wrapping the silver wire around a plain silver hoop. Hold the first wrap with flat nose pliers and wrap the wire using your other hand.


Step 2:

Make two or three wraps before wrapping the bead pattern.


Step 3:

Slide three plastic gumball beads in yellow color.



Step 4:

Now make three wraps on the hoop as shown.


Step 5:

Repeat these kind of wraps till the end of the hoop. At the end of the hoop, make a few more wire wraps to secure it well.


Step 6:

Cut off any excess wire using wire cutters. The earring is completed.


Step 7:

Repeat steps 1 to 6 for the other earring piece. A simple hoop earrings with a twist is made!


With the similar technique beads can be wrapped in different patterns; instead of wrapping beads in clusters of three, beads can be wrapped one after one too.


  1. very neat.. pls do post of more of DIY earrings.. wud love to try them whenever i have time 🙂

  2. This is very informative tute Ramya:)
    Loved this tute neatly done n beautifully well explained:)

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