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Diamond jewelry – truly forever!

You think jewelry and the first thing that comes to mind are the sparkly white gems called ‘diamonds’ that instantly add glow to anyone wearing them. There’s definitely something about these stones that draws our attention. The fine cuts, the sparkle, the different shapes and the brilliance of these stones sure make diamond jewelry a wearer’s delight.

As Sheldon says in the Big Bang theory, its funny how crystallized carbon with atoms stacked neatly make us want to splurge quite a bit on them. Be it Kohinoor diamonds or the tiny diamond pendant one wears every day, each is special in its own way.

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The rush one gets when wearing a piece of diamond jewelry isn’t just because they are rare and expensive, but also how it makes a person feel really special. There are some stores that offer exquisite collection of diamonds and with the advent of online shopping, the choices one has is much more and lets us shop with convenience too.

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And when it comes to expressing love and adding some romance to your lives, nothing can be more special than these stones. Although the story of why diamonds were given as a token of engagement isn’t that romantic, we adore the concept and that sure has a reason.


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And if it is a party that you’re going to, just wear some delicate diamond earrings, pair it with a black dress you’ve got an instant charm.


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While big diamonds have a certain richness attached to them, the small ones have an elegant look. If you’re looking for something to instantly impress the ‘her’ in your life, a small diamond pendant would work the magic or a band of small diamonds which is perfect for everyday wear could be picked up as well.


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After all, they don’t say ‘diamonds are a woman’s best friend’ for no reason!

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