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Rectangle bead earrings – DIY

I bought some natural rectangular crystal beads from a wholesale beads store and here is the first pair of earrings I made with them. These crystal bead earrings are made as an extension of the techniques we have used in our previous earring projects.

Rectangle-bead earrings

How to Make Rectangle bead earrings:

Materials Needed:


Tools needed: 

  1. Round Nose Pliers
  2. Flat Nose Pliers
  3. Wire Cutter

Step 1:

Take a head pin and slide a round metal spacer bead.

RBE2Step 2:

Slide a rectangular bead followed by another spacer bead.

RBE3Step 3:

Using round and flat nose pliers, bend the wire and make a loop at the top. Any excess wire is trimmed off using wire cutter. If this is your first project, see here for the basics of making loops.

RBE4Step 4:

Now for the other part of the earring, slide a rectangle bead on an eye pin and make a loop at the top. As you can see, for this part we are not using spacer beads.

RBE5Step 5:

Connect the two parts. Flat nose pliers can be used to open and close the loop.

RBE6Step 6:

Insert a fish hook ear wire at the top.


Completed pair of crystal bead earrings..



  1. Hi Rama, I really liked your tutorials. They are so simple and give us so many ideas and possibilities ! I am also a bit into jewellery making, could you pl tell me where I could purchase the kind of beads you have used in your projects, ESP the ones like the one in the daffodil earring..I have never really come across such kinds in the store I visited (itsy bitsy) in blore… Would be useful if you could give me this information… Thanks so much in advance!

    • Mallika, I used to buy the beads from nearby bead stores, but as you said the choices aren’t many. So many of the beads that you see in my projects have been bought off etsy.com. I bought the beads from a Canada based store on etsy… they had a nice selection…Good luck!

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