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Origami Christmas Tree

Origami Christmas Tree – DIY

A few neat paper folds can get you these pretty decorative origami Christmas trees – you can use them as ornaments, table center pieces and decor. These are very simple to make too… Check out the tutorial below.

Origami Christmas Tree

How to fold an Origami Christmas Tree – Tutorial:

Step 1:

Start with a square sheet of paper – it is more convenient to make the folds if the paper is not too thick.

OCT1Step 2:

Fold the paper in half – vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Unfold to get the creases shown here.

OCT2Step 3:

Collapse along the creases to get an origami square base.

OCT3Step 4:

Bring the right side of the top flap towards the center crease.

OCT4Step 5:

Similarly fold the left side inwards to meet the center crease.

OCT5Step 6:

Flip and repeat steps 4 and 5  for the other side.

OCT6Step 7:

Lift the bottom triangle upwards and press to make a crease.



Step 8:

Now insert this triangular flap inwards along the crease we made in step 7.


Repeat this for all the sides.

OCT9Step 9:

We now have this structure. Along the lines shown, make cuts using scissors.


Step 10:

After making the cuts, fold in the manner shown here. (The left corner of the top cut meets the right corner of the bottom cut.) Press to make neat creases.


Repeat the step above for all the corners. (We will have a total of 4 corners)

OCT13Step 11:

Unfold each of these folds and along the crease, fold the paper inwards. In the below image, the last fold has been made inwards. The rest are yet to be done.

OCT14Step 12:

Repeat the above step for all the folds/creases and here is the Christmas tree.

OCT15Step 13:

Minimally embellished…


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