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Quilled Floral Earrings

Paper Quilling Earrings – Floral Design

Tutorial to make a pair of quilling earrings made using strips of paper in a flower design. These earrings are made by tightly quiling the paper strips.

Quilling Earrings

How to make quilling earrings:

Step 1:

In the required size, tightly quill a ring. When you quill such tight loops, use a suitable glue.

TQFE1Step 2:

Shape it like a tear drop.

TQFE2Step 3:

The corner of the tear drop is shaped a bit more. (like a dent?)


Quill a total of six such pieces for one earring.

Step 4:

Glue the pieces together in the shape of a flower.

TQFE5Step 5:

Take another strip of paper and tightly quill a frame for the flower. Here again, glue is used.


Here is the piece after the frame has been quilled.

TQFE7Step 6:

A loop is quilled a glued on at the top for inserting the earring hook

TQFE8Step 7:

Insert the jump ring and earring hook. Lock the jump ring.

TQFE9Step 8:

Apply a coat of clear sealant and allow it to dry. The sealant protects the earring and makes it a bit more water resistant.


Repeat steps 1 to 8 for the other earring. Here is the completed pair.



  1. Hi,
    Nice earrings Ramya. I wish to know which sealant have u used to make this ear rings water resistant. I wish to try this for myself so…

    • Initially as I began making quilled jewelry, I used Clear Nail polish (Top Coat) as a sealant… I bought a sealant off Quilled Creations (website) and sometimes I use that… but a few coats of ‘Top Coat’ does the trick.

  2. Cute earrings! I also make paper quilled jewelry. I just wanted to point out that clear nail polish will work, but it is not a product that is made to last a long time. Meaning that over time it will become yellowish and perhaps even brittle. If the earrings are for yourself it’s not a big deal, but if you are giving them as a gift you may want to use a more suitable craft sealant. The one from Quilled Creations is great, and there are others as well. I wrote a post about sealants on my quilling blog: http://honeysquilling.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/how-to-use-sealant-with-your-paper-quilling/

  3. hi ramya, very nice work…. im also learning how to make fashion jewels, mural crafts,,,, your creations is superbbb……. keep it ma…

  4. Hi ramya..its really superb,would like to knw what kind of paper is used for this?

  5. Wher do u get those sealant in chennai

  6. hai ramya where r u ? chennai or elsewhere? thanks 4 teaching about paper quilling.your collections were really superb.r u taking classes 4 paper quilling in home?

    • I am in chennai Ahila… but I do not take classes… at some point of time, if I do, will let you know. Thanks for your interest!!

  7. Am very impressed.i lke vry much.r u conduct any classes for this.

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