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Paper Cup Diwali Decor

Paper Cup Diwali Decor – Kids Craft

Around Diwali time, kids are enthusiastic to play with colors and make something that they can proudly show everyone. This is a Diwali decor that kids (ages 7+) can make using primarily paper cups, colors and gold color sparkle glue. Minimal adult supervision would be required. This decor piece is good as a year around doorway hanging too.

Paper Cup Diwali Decor

How to Make Paper Cup Mango Leaves Diwali Decor:

Step 1:

Take a paper cup of at least 3.5″ height.

PCLD1Step 2:

Cut off the rim of the paper cup.

PCLD2Step 3:

Make cuts in the cup to get this kind of a hanging leaves structure. Since mango leaves are considered auspicious, we are attempting to make a mango leaves with chimes decor.

PCLD3Step 4:

Paint with green acrylic or poster or water colors. Allow the paint to dry. The paint on the inside can be a lighter shade.

PCLD4Step 5:

The top is painted using brown color paint.

PCLD5Step 6:

After the paint is dry, a leaf like outline is drawn with sparkle glue of a suitable color.

PCLD6Step 7:

A golden zari lace about half an inch wide is glued on at the top.


Step 8:

Small mirrors or sequins can then be glued on the zari for a more decorative and festive look.

PCLD8Step 9:

A hole is made at the top of the cup, a thick thread is inserted from the top and knots are made at both sides of the hole to hold the cup in place.

PCLD9Step 10:

We make a few more such decorative cups. In the same way as above, the thread is inserted in each cup and they are all tied together.

PCLD10Step 11:

At the end of the rope (after the last cup in the row), a small bell is tied.


Here is the mango leaves Diwali decor… get ready to show off your kids’ lovely paper cup decor this festive season!



  1. simply suberp and amazing stuff………hats off to u……i would surely try to make this …………..

  2. Very nice creativity. not only for kids, even we can try this.. Thanks Ramya for sharing us.

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  10. janaki subramanian

    very innovative and pretty looking .it is a great craft for adults too.

  11. Gayathri Sreeganesh

    Its really wonderful… I am going to make it soon…

  12. Brilliant idea! My age group in school is 4–any way I can modify this for my class? They would love to show off to all!!

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