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Triangular units

Make Triangular units for 3D Origami

Many of our visitor friends ask how to make the triangular units for building 3D Modular Origami models. This simple tutorial is to explain that.

Triangular units

How to Make Triangular units for 3D Origami:

Step 1:

Take one A4 size sheet of paper and cut out 16 rectangular pieces of the same size from it. Here is one piece.

TU1Step 2:

Fold it horizontally in half.

TU2Step 3:

Fold the piece vertically in half.

TU3Step 4:

Make a crease and unfold.

TU4Step 5:

Bring down the right half of the piece along the crease and press.

TU5Step 6:

Similarly bring down the left half of the piece.

TU6Step 7:


TU7Step 8:

Snip off the lower edges.

TU8Step 9:

Fold the lower part upwards as shown and press:

TU9Step 10:

Fold the piece in half (inwards) to complete the unit.

TU Fnl


  1. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice. i want to learn 3D origami moduls. where i have to go. please tell me.

  2. Ricardo Nishizaki

    Hey 🙂

    I’m trying to do the dragon, but when I fit the triangles they stays very open and looks like a pyramid and not a head haha

    i’m doing something wrong?

    • Hmmm.. well.. – once you’re done assembling all the pieces, it wouldn’t stay that way… and are your triangles done correctly? They generally stack up closely.

  3. Can you make an owl and tutorial out of teal, pink and white?

  4. This is so cool!!
    Is it possible to make a 3D sea otter? And if you can could you make a tutorial?

  5. Interesting origami project!! Can you please indicate the exact size of each piece that is to be cut. I do not have A4 paper. Thank you.

  6. Hello,
    Is there a certain weight I should use for the A4 paper? Or is it regular copy paper? I would love to try to make something in a 3D design but I’m unsure about the paper. Thanks for having great instructions/pictures to help!

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