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Triangular units

Make Triangular units for 3D Origami

Many of our visitor friends ask how to make the triangular units for building 3D Modular Origami models. This simple tutorial is to explain that.

Triangular units

How to Make Triangular units for 3D Origami:

Step 1:

Take one A4 size sheet of paper and cut out 16 rectangular pieces of the same size from it. Here is one piece.

TU1Step 2:

Fold it horizontally in half.

TU2Step 3:

Fold the piece vertically in half.

TU3Step 4:

Make a crease and unfold.

TU4Step 5:

Bring down the right half of the piece along the crease and press.

TU5Step 6:

Similarly bring down the left half of the piece.

TU6Step 7:


TU7Step 8:

Snip off the lower edges.

TU8Step 9:

Fold the lower part upwards as shown and press:

TU9Step 10:

Fold the piece in half (inwards) to complete the unit.

TU Fnl

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