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Floating Rangoli in Wood

Wooden Rangoli in Blue and Silver

Following in the series of Kundan Rangoli designs we’ve been seeing this Diwali season, here is another floating rangoli design made on a wooden base. This Wooden Rangoli is made with metallic acrylic colors, pearls, rhinestones, dull gold beads, glitter glue and a strip of silver lace.

Floating Rangoli in Wood

How to make a Floating Rangoli:

Step 1:

Take a piece of wood and paint a few coats of blue acrylic color. I painted one coat of dark blue acrylic shade first and then a couple of metallic blue coats.

FRIW1Step 2:

Once the paint is dry, glue on pearls with a flat base on the corners.


Step 3:

Now for the center design, nice big rhinestones in blue are glued on.


… and then some ‘mango’ shaped rhinestones.


..a small round mirror piece with dull gold beads around it complete the center.


Step 4:

We now enhance the corners a little – some small blue rhinestones glued parallel to the pearls row.

FRIW5Step 5:

Silver sparkle glue used along the outline except for the four corners.

FRIW7Step 6:

Finally a small strip of silver lace is glued at the corner.

FRIW8Step 7:

As always after the glue is dry, apply a coat of clear varnish.



  1. It is very beautiful, what glue to use? Thank U.

    • You can use fevicol or fevi fabric glue on a wooden or a cardboard base. But while working on a transparent base (like OHP sheet), fabric glue works best.

  2. Hello madam
    From where do u buy all theses beautiful rhinestones. Suggest any online shop which is cost wise cheap.

    • Hi Anitha.. I buy the rhinestones at a craft supplies store (RS shopping) in Chennai, IN. I haven’t bought rhinestones online so far but from my experience, itsybitsy.in is reasonable priced.

  3. such a beautuful website with wealthy information for the people intrested art Ramya!!!keep going!!

  4. really very beautiful. It is very use full to festival decoration.

  5. Hi,

    Where can I find the wooden base? Please let me know.

  6. Hello,
    Can you please tell me where can I buy golden color ball chain usually used in making these rangoli. Can you also suggest any online store for buying it.
    Thank you

  7. Hi,
    All your designs are beautiful. We live in. US and don’t get festive decorations. Your website is really helpful in celebration with style! Thanks for sharing.

  8. All your designs are very beautiful and easy method of creating. In festivals like diwali or navratri it looks attractive.

  9. Dear Ramya,

    Where can i get this wooden piece in chennai? Pl inform me.

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