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Kundan Rangoli

Simple Kundan Rangoli – Rearrangeable Style

Here is the first kundan rangoli in the series of rearrange-able kundan rangolis that I plan to feature. Let’s get ready to welcome the festive season with these colorful and sparkly floating rangoli designs. 

Kundan Rangoli

How to make a Rearrangeable Kundan Rangoli on a transparent base:

Now, before we begin our detailed tutorial, I must say that this Rangoli has a simple pattern and has been designed for beginners. So those of you who are looking for more elaborate designs, we will have those types coming over the next few weeks.

Step 1:

Take a thick transparent sheet of plastic. I use OHP sheets for the base because these are easily available in any stationery store. Draw the outline and cut out in the required shape.


I have cut it out in the shape of a square (about 12 X 12 cm in size).

We will need 4 such square pieces of the same size for this rangoli.

Step 2:

Apply a good adhesive and start gluing on the stones along the outline.


Big round kundan stones have been glued on.

Step 3:

A single big gold color bead is glued on at the center.

Step 4:

Around the gold bead, the design at the center is built.

Tear drop or tilak shaped stones…

TKR5Step 5:

Smaller orange color teardrops set around…

TKR6Step 6:

Small white stones are set at the tip as shown.

TKR7Allow the glue to dry. Here is the completed piece.


Step 7:

We make a total of four such pieces following the same steps outlined above.


I made two pieces with red stones and two with magenta stones.

Step 8:

Now for the center piece, this shape is cut out. Since the sheet is transparent, the outline wasn’t seen – so I’ve drawn some black lines on the photo. The design at the center is the same as that of the other pieces.


Step 9:

Leaf like design is made at each corner of the piece.

TKR11Step 10:

And now we assemble all the pieces…


The arranged Kundan Rangoli is here.



  1. love it thanku.

  2. Its So Neat.. and must say very nicely explained 🙂

  3. hi ramya am sunder’s bhabi am also making this kind of rangoli thanks pls give me some other ideas

  4. Amazing n simple n step wise pictorial tutorial is the best I have seen

  5. its cool where do you get these ideas from i must say u r brilliant you must be spending lots of time on this right

  6. its nice i like it a lot it just beautiful you r soo artistic
    actually i dont like art but after seeing this i started to have a speacial liking to it

  7. very nice and excellent work.kudos once again to u………..

  8. where do v get these kundan pieces. plz let me know.


  9. Nice designs,I would love to do this for my home also,can u help me out.
    Can u send me variety designs and the place to get the kundans and other stuffs.
    Thanks in Advance

  10. Hi ,

    I am Ashwini and i like to do this and i know and also i have so many disigin so where i need to show these and i am thinking to sell so please give me any idia that where i can present .

    it will great help for me

  11. Hi Ramya,
    very nice. U explained very neatly. I loved it very much. Will u take the classes directly? What other courses will u do other than this kundan work? I like to do art courses. If u have any information pls send me.

  12. Hi Ramya,

    Very nice design and very easily explained. where can we see other patterns, pls provide the link.

  13. nice disign!!

    I will do same design..
    plzz suggest more designs..:))

  14. Realy very nice i like this art.so beautiful.


  16. shalini ashok kalurkar

    At the age 0f 65, I still have zeal to step in this area of KUNDAN Rangoli. Help me tolearn this art from Zero Mark?
    Kundan PANAtiEarthen Pots) is another aim>
    I will be happy to be in touch with you and all>
    Now my reaction:
    Life us really beautiful, only fools do not know it
    Designer knows how to rearrange the kundans to make it fit
    thanks and all the best

  17. Good and innovative designs, Looks pretty, but for such rangoli good adhesive is require. i would like to ask one question that which adhesives you use for this.


  18. Hi
    very impressive work..Do you do sales ?

  19. Hi Ramya,

    Fabulous work and Awesome designs..
    Step by step pictures makes it clear for beginners like me.
    Could you pls let me know which size kundan stones should be used.

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