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Fringed Felt Flower

Fringed Felt Flower Tutorial

Here is a tutorial with steps to make a fringed felt flower. This is a simple flower making work and needs no sewing. These felt flowers can be used on multiple art and craft projects.

Arts and crafts are a great way to utilize items most people would simply throw away.  Using a little glue, discount fabric and a bit of good old-fashioned elbow grease can turn something simple into something beautiful and presentable.

Fringed Felt Flower

How to make a Fringed Felt Flower:

Step 1:

Cut out a strip of felt.


Step 2:

Apply fabric glue as shown.

FFF2aStep 3:

Fold the strip such that the top meets the bottom and press so that the fold is secure.

FFF3aStep 4:

Make uniform cuts throughout the strip.

FFF4aStep 5:

Once cuts are made, apply glue at the bottom and start rolling.

FFF5aStep 6:

Once you roll fully, apply glue at the end and secure well.

FFF6aStep 7:

Now cut out a circle piece of felt in the size of the bottom of the flower and glue it.


Here is the completed flower.

FFF8aStep 8:

Cut out a piece of felt in the shape of a leaf.

FFF9aStep 9:

Glue the leaf on to the bottom of the flower.

Felt flowerThese felt flowers can be used to make wreaths, as embellishments on cards, they can be converted to bookmarks and so on.

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