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Kundan Rangoli

Kundan Rangoli in Gold and Silver

You are going to be seeing kundan rangolis a lot more for the next few weeks. Its festive season and what can bring more sparkle and color to Navratri or Diwali celebrations than a colorful kundan rangoli?! Here is one such floating rangoli plate made on a wooden base in rich gold and silver colors.

Kundan Rangoli

How to make a Wooden Kundan Rangoli:

Supplies Needed:

  1. Wooden base
  2. Small white kundan stones (or rhinestones)
  3. Strip of zari
  4. Pearls
  5. Gold Sparkle Glue
  6. Adhesive
  7. Gold Acrylic color
  8. White glass liner

GSKR11Step 1:

We will be using a 5″ X 5″ size wooden piece with a smooth surface. Paint a few coats of gold acrylic color and allow the paint to dry well.

GSKR10Step 2:

Pearls are glued along the outline of the base.

GSKR9Step 3:

Zari strips are cut and glued as shown.


The strips are glued close to the line of pearls like a photo frame…

GSKR7Step 4:

Now a line of small white rhinestones are glued.

GSKR6Step 5:

Lines are drawn using gold sparkle glue.


Step 6:

This rangoli also has a kolam at the center and so is double auspicious too! After all, there are no rules here…! This small kolam is drawn using a white glass liner. Acrylic paint can be used as well.


Step 7:

A final coat of varnish (at the center part) to protect the paint and for a glossy finish.

The completed Kundan Rangoli is here.


We can set a lamp/diya at the center and use it as a diya plate too…


A royal kundan rangoli for the festive season!


  1. tat is beau tiful,iwill try to make.

  2. Really beautiful and neat work. I happen to drop by accidently on your blog but this been a very wonderful journey.

  3. Wow… Excellent work… I saw a store bought kundan rangoli at my friend’s place and searched google to make one for myself. I was happened to drop into your beautiful collections… I m going to try this project & let you know how it come out… Keep posting your wonderful creations…

  4. Awesome work!!!!!!! Keep it up.. keep posting……….

  5. Very nice Ramya mam…!!
    It is so great…..:)..Thank you so much for sharing this on.
    Actually I want to make kunadan rangoli, but not able to how…but i think so now following your tutorial, I will be able too.
    Thanks once again.

  6. Awesome work and very creative ideas. Thanks for the instructions. Just one question, Wood will not get spoilt in water(if kept floating)?. Waiting for the reply…

    • Yes… it will get spoiled – it will sink I guess! Wooden rangoli can be placed on the floor as a decor… maybe the term ‘floating’ is misguiding. I will have to change that!

  7. Which glue should we use to stick this, it is an awesome piece of work

  8. This is amazing work …colour combo n the use zari is awesome…overall a mind blowing piece;)

  9. Fantastic collection with elaborate instructions. This is going to be my next golu project for gifting. Just had a doubt do u apply varnish on the kundans too once done or its on the acrylic color alone. Please advice

  10. Ramya,
    You are amazing!! It is so nice of you to share your talents with us. Kep crafting.
    Thanks a million for your beautiful blog. I’m truly inspired.

  11. Awesome work. Do I need to use Flat back pearls or round pearls.


  12. what wood can we use

  13. Hi there!

    These are beautiful! I am celebrating my baby boy’s 1st Diwali (I am due any minute!) and want to make a personalized gift for friends and family. This seems perfect! Couple of questions..
    1. I don’t think I will find zari easily in US, and I will not be in a state to drive around. Any other options?
    2. I was thinking can I label them as diya holders?
    3. A normal coaster would do the trick?

    • Thanks 🙂
      1. Lace? Doilies with sparkles on them?
      2. Sure you can:)
      3. Yes it will! But you may not be able to paint on plastic coaster, you can instead glue felt or foam sheets on the coasters to get the base done!

      Good luck and wish you happy parenting 🙂 !!

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