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Thermocol Wall Art

Thermocol Wall Art – Painting

Recently I made quite a large painting on a sheet of thermocol for my wall. Here is the thermocol wall art…

Thermocol Wall Art

Steps to make a Thermocol Wall Art:

Started with a sheet of thermocol about 3 inches thick. The length of the sheet is 40 inches and the height about 20 inches.


The word ‘HOPE’ is written at the center… I chose this word because that’s the word I thought best matched the floral painting I had in mind.


The word is centered in the sheet…

TWA3Word completed…


You remember the quilled mothers day card?… I’ve used the same model here; colors in inverse.


The base is painted in a light pink shade. This color was well suited for my wall color.


Then started painting the flowers using acrylic colors.

TWA7Flowers painted.


Now all the designs were given a thick outline using a black marker pen.


Few more designs added… few star like designs and dotted lines here and there.


Glued on some floral embellishments – corrugated flowers..


And glued on small rhinestones at a few places.


Finally, painted a border in black.


The colorful thermocol wall art ready to adorn my room!


  1. its a beautiful painting i like this painting ill try it

  2. Beautiful Painting !!!!

    Thanks for share

  3. its a fine idea for me to decorate my rooms with my artistic talent

  4. good your alll craft . i like very much.

  5. Can you please let me know if i need to put the primer first on thermocol sheet before painting with acrylic color? I am going to paint whole 8 thermocol sheet for my kids room? Your answer is appreciated.

  6. can you tell me how to make temple from thermocol sheets plz

  7. Nice piece of art,it encouraged me do one too(http://mythriftycrafts.blogspot.in/).
    Thanks for da inspiration.

  8. Snigdha Agarwal

    Lovely piece of work! Please do post some more.

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