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Explosion box Final

How to make an Explosion Box

Explosion Boxes are a combination of scrapbooks and cards which can be custom made to suit different occasions and celebrations. This is a tutorial which shows how to make an explosion box with two layers.Glimpse of the Explosion Box:

Explosion box diy

Steps to make an Explosion Box:

Step 1:

Start with a square sheet of card stock. The card stock used here is 12 X 12 inches.

EBC1Step 2:

Make horizontal and vertical tri-fold/letter folds to get creases as shown.

EBC2Step 3:

Cut out the squares at the corners.

EBC3this way…


Here is the card after the four corner squares have been cut off.

EBC5Step 4:

Repeat steps 1 to 3 and make one more such piece for the second layer. The size of this card stock can be 1/4 inch less than the first card. (I have used a 11 ¾ size card)

EBC6Step 5:

Trim off the edges for a better finish.

EBC7Step 6:

Apply adhesive on the center square of the first card.


…and glue on the next piece on top.

EBC9Step 7:

Make the lid for the box – with creases as shown. The center square has to be suitable for the box. Make it such that it fits even after the layers of the box are embellished. I have used a  6 ¼ X 6 ¼ inches card and made creases at 1 ½  inch from the edges.

EBC10Step 8:

Make cuts along the creases.

EBC11Step 9:

Apply glue on the flap.


Step 10:

Fold the flap inwards.

EBC13Step 11:

Press to secure.

EBC14Step 12:

Repeat steps 9 to 11 for the other corners to complete the lid. You can see here for detailed instructions on making the lid.


Just checking if the lid fits well…

EBC16Step 13:

We start embellishing the box… The idea was to gift this box during my friend’s engagement party – so the colors and the embellishments have been chosen accordingly.


The completed explosion box with a three tier cake.

Explosion box Final

Closer look:

1 –

EBC252 –

EBC183 –

EBC234 –

EBC245 –

EBC206 –


7 – Initials of the to-be bride and groom in glitter…


8 – Envelope to hold our wishes


9 – My favorite part.. the card stock cake. (I will post a tutorial on making the cake soon – it is pretty simple though.)


10 – Quilled paper rings painted over with gold acrylic color. One of the rings has a rhinestone at the center.


11 – The lid has been embellished with organza ribbon and a die cut flower.


It is quite some work, but the result makes the effort worth it!


  1. Wow! very beautiful and brilliant. your friend must have loved it.. lovely gift!

  2. very nice….excellent…!!!!!

  3. how do you make the cake for the box / Thanks, Brenda

  4. How Do you make the cake
    what size are the circles?

  5. The card is awesoum n i give this card to my husband in my aniversary.i make all thing but the cake is not done by me so plz help me to make this 14oct is my aniversary date so plz give the idea to make a cake before 14.

  6. Awesome and easy to follow instructions! Thank you for it!
    By the way I also wanted to make a waterfall type of paper art. It is where you try to pull the end paper and pictures just slides in and out. Any idea how to make it? Thank you

  7. cardstock paper can be relaced??? If yes then which paper can we use? Plz do rply

  8. Love the look of it, so simple to make and absolutely beautiful! Just one question. I know you suggest card stock, but is poster board similar? I would want to do a bigger box, and am not sure where I could find big card stock where I live. Can poster board substitute card stock?

    • Poster board could work.. but I think it would be a little thicker and am not sure how far the box would actually ‘explode’! But you can give it a try. All the best 🙂

  9. Hello
    Have you loaded a tutorial for the cake? I can not find it.
    Please share how you made the cake-thanks.

  10. hi! the box is beautiful,but i want to make a bigger one and more heavy….plz tell me how to make a bigger and grand explosion box

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