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Wooden Rangoli_Diya

Wooden Rangoli Plate for Diya – DIY

Wooden Rangolis are becoming more and more popular probably because of the beauty and charm that they bring to any occasion. This wooden rangoli here is about 5″ X 5″ in size and I’ve made it with the idea of using it as a plate for earthen diyas (lamps).

As always, we have here an easy to follow tutorial.

Wooden Rangoli_Diya

How To make a Simple Wooden Rangoli:

Supplies Needed:

  1. Wooden base
  2. Kundan stones (or rhinestones)
  3. Pearls
  4. Sparkle Glue
  5. Adhesive
  6. Acrylic colors

Step 1:

We will use a 5″ X 5″ size wooden piece with a smooth surface.


WRG1Step 2:

Paint a couple of coats of acrylic color. Maroon acrylic color has been painted here. Allow the paint to dry really well.

WRG2Step 3:

Apply glue and set square shaped kundan stones in a series along the corner like an outline. The space between two stones is very little (about a mm).

WRG3Here is the piece after the square shaped stones have been glued on. As you can see a part is left blank. This is for setting the diya.

WRG4Step 4:

Now outline along the stones with sparkle glue of a suitable shade. I’ve used golden color sparkle glue here.

WRG5Step 5:

Similarly use sparkle glue between the stones and along the inner line. This was why we has left a little space between the square stones.

WRG6Step 6:

Small rhinestones are then glued on like a semi-circle. The combination used for this rangoli is predominantly green and gold. So I’ve used stones and glitter accordingly. (Ignore the white glue you see at the top..that’s for the next step. I just had forgotten to take a picture earlier)

WRG7Step 7:

Apply glue and set pearls. These pearls have a flat bottom making the gluing on much easier.


Step 8:

At the center of the semi-circle, a flower shaped figure is glued using oval stones. I really like these stones by the way, am going to use them much more in my next project!

WRG9Step 9:

Small rhinestones at the top of each petal.

WRG10Step 10:

Apply a coat of clear varnish after the glue and sparkle is dry. Allow the varnish coat to dry well. The varnish will help protect the paint and also add shine to the rangoli.

And here is the completed wooden rangoli (or floating rangoli as it is called)…

WRG11So…this is how I had thought of setting the diya. Since the rangoli is colorful and sparkly, I chose to leave the earthen diya as it is.


And of course… couldn’t stop with making just one piece!


I’d say that this is quite simple to do. All you need to do is to come up with a catchy design and the work is half done.


  1. Superb..I liked it very much…

  2. Wow..this is so beautiful..nice work

  3. Thank you very much. You art work has given so many ideas. I’m a newbie and i dont remember me even holding a paint brush in my childhood, but here i am searching ideas for my kid’s craft work. When I found ur blog, i was so happy. Ur blog is very clear with details about what you have used and how. Very Informative and thanks a bunch.

  4. hi Ramya,
    ‘m Usha,
    I jst fell in love wth ur blog whr u hve thought lots of crafts,which gives many other ides too
    its so informative for a art n craft lovers
    even a kid can learn hw 2 make these crafts by followng ur steps,such easy n simple steps,whr u r very clearly described in each section
    thanx a loads 🙂

    I would like to knw hw to mix rock salt n colour ,so that it can b used 2 make designs in rangoli durng festivals

    • Hi Usha, Thank you for your lovely comments. With regard to the rock salt n color mixing, there are specific kinds of colors available which can be bought in very small quantities – these are then mixed with larger quantities of rock salt or plain white powder (with a few drops of water), dried indoors and used to color rangolis.. these colors are colloquially referred to as ‘mixing rangoli powder’…not sure of the exact name!

  5. I am echoing others words…. Your blog is truly amazing, informative and detailed. Anyone like me who has never even tried hands on crafts can understand and even try making….
    In many designs you have used wooden base…where do we get it? Are these available in craft shops where we get the beads?

    • Thanks for ur feedback! I get the wooden base from nearby wood workshops…they just have lot of wooden planks lying as scrap, so they cut and give the pieces at almost no cost..cool huh?! 🙂

  6. Ramya, first time here and truly amazed at your creativity, would you be ok if I share some of your posts on my blog,please let me know

    • Sure…but please share only an excerpt with a max.of one photo and with a link to my site…. thanks for your comment!

      • Hi Ramya…
        They were soooo cute.. I love doing such things and even now am painting diyas to give it to my friends as I do for every diwali. Please share any kind of details to talk to you.. I’d like to learn more crafts from you. My email- tbaruah6@gmail.com.
        Please email me once you read this.

        Thank you,

      • Hi Tanya, you could drop me a mail: artplatter@gmail.com with any questions you may have. Would be glad to be of any help!

      • Hi Ramya,

        Awesome work!! I would like to know what is a clear varnish. where can i get it? is there any specific brand? should it be applied on the stones/beads also? please clarify

      • You get them in hardware stores Sri – no particular brand… and yes you can coat them on stones too..

  7. This is really superb…I am going to make my son do similar kind of job for his school competition…Thanks for this idea….

  8. Amazing piece of work. keep updating with more floating rangoli.

  9. very nice designs and nice guidelines to make

  10. Hi very nice of you,

    i am also doing these kundhan ronoli’s so can you please suggest me where i can seel these items.


  11. wow its great i like u r blog how many idea is there thans a lot mam

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