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Craft Foam rakhi

Rakhi Making For Kids – Using Craft Foam

With just a few more days to go for Raksha Bandhan, here is another Rakhi making tutorial which is suitable for kids to make for their siblings. These are perfect for kids as they tend to like funkier and ‘not so ornamental’ rakhi designs…

We will be using craft foam to make this Rakhi.

Craft Foam rakhi

How to make a Rakhi using Craft Foam:

Step 1:

Take a piece of craft foam of medium thickness – cut it in the shape of a square.

This is for the inner/second layer of the rakhi, so the size of the piece has to be according to that.

CFHRK1Step 2:

Draw a circle on the foam piece.

CFHRK2Step 3:

Cut out along the circle outline drawn. I have used a scissor that cuts in a wavy pattern for a ‘cooler’ effect.


Here is the piece after it has been cut out.

CFHRK4Step 4:

Repeat the above steps to make a bigger piece for the bottom layer of the rakhi.

CFHRK5Step 5:

Fold this piece that we cut out in step 4 in half and make two cuts spaced out from each other. The depth of each cut can be about 0.5 cm.


Can you see the cuts? I guess not…they are at the points where the arrows indicate.

CFHRK7Step 6:

Now open up the fold. Insert a satin ribbon in one slit…


…and bring it to the top through the other slit.

Note: Seal the ends of the satin ribbon by exposing the ends to an open flame and then give the ribbon to your kids.

CFHRK9Step 7:

Flip this yellow piece.

Step 8:

Apply glue on the smaller red piece. (I’m referring to the colors so that it is clear)

CFHRK10Step 9:

And glue the pieces together.

CFHRK11Step 10:

A pretty embellishing sticker is glued on top. Alternatively big colorful buttons can be used.


The finished Rakhi…

CFHRK13Very simple, wasn’t it?

And yeah..this technique can be used to make colorful friendship bands too! Just a little different designing here and there should do the trick.

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