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Handmade Rakhi

Handmade Rakhi – Tutorial

Raksha bandhan is one of the important festivals observed in India which celebrates the bond between brothers and  sisters – as wikipedia puts it. On this day, sisters tie a rakhi around our their brother’s wrist to symbolize their love and affection along with prayers for the happiness of their brothers.

And yeah, our brother’s reciprocate with some cool gifts too.. That’s the best part 😉

Make this Raksha Bandhan more special by giving your brother a rakhi of your own making!

Handmade Rakhi

How to make a decorative Handmade Rakhi:

Supplies Used:

  • One sided felt or velvet cloth
  • Dull gold beads
  • Kundan stones (or plastic gems)
  • Strip of satin ribbon
  • Fabric Glue
  • Scissors
Approximate time needed to make this rakhi is 20 to 30 minutes.

HR1Step 1:

Felt cloth is cut in the required size and the chosen design is drawn on the back side of the cloth.

HR2Step 2:

The cloth is cut out along the outline drawn.

HRStep 3:

At the center of the piece, a large size kundan stone is glued on. Since the base material for this rakhi is felt cloth, fabric glue is used in this project.

HR4Step 4:

Dots are made around the center stone using fabric glue.


Then a circle of white stones is set. This design is allowed to dry for a few minutes.

HR6Step 5:

Dull gold beads are then glued on in the form of circles. These beads have one side flat making the gluing on much easier.

HR7Step 6:

The wings on either side are then decorated with gold beads and smaller size kundan stones.

HR8Step 7:

A string of golden thread is glued on like an outline on both sides of the piece as shown.


You can see here after the golden thread is glued on.

HR10Step 8:

Flip the piece made. Allow the beads and stones to get attached well before flipping.

Finally we attach a piece of satin ribbon as shown (use either glue or make a few needle n’ thread stitches for this). This ribbon will be used to tie the rakhi around the wrist – so choose the length accordingly.

Note: Before attaching the satin ribbon, expose its ends to an open flame so that the ends are sealed.

HR11The completed handmade rakhi is here.

Decorative rakhi design

Get ready to surprise your brothers with these decorative pieces of work!

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