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Chinese Origami Peacock

Chinese 3D Origami Peacock

The modular origami technique of making models using triangular units of paper has a million possibilities, but the most gorgeous one is definitely the types of origami peacocks you could do using these units.

Chinese Origami Peacock

How to make a Chinese Modular Origami peacock:

You would need a total of 914 units for this model. You really need to listen to the artist in you – not to the environmentalist, if you want to do these origami models!

These 914 units comprise of:

  • 713 White units
  • 148 Blue units
  • 52 Orange units and
  • 1 Yellow unit
The composition is totally dependent on the design you choose.

Step 1:

Start by making connector units with White triangles as shown.

OPCK1Step 2:

Start connecting the units together. Rows and will get formed as you keep assembling the connector units.

Keep adding units such that you have Rows 1 and with 30 units each.

Step 3:

Similarly, add Row 3 with 30 white units.

Step 4:

Next is a row of 30 blue units. 

OPCK5Step 5:

Row of 30 white units. This is the 5 th row.

OPCK6Step 6:

At this point, invert the model and bring the units upward.

OPCK7Step 7:

Now add the next row – this will again be a row of 30 blue units.

OPCK8Step 8:

Now add a row of white units.

Step 9:

We will now form a pattern using blue and orange units.

Hope this makes the pattern a bit clear. So start assembling…

OPCK9Keep building up the pattern.


Remove the orange unit at the center and replace that with a yellow unit.

Then keep adding the units till you have this structure.

OPCK11Step 10:

Now add white units for the remaining part to complete the rows.


Step 11:

As it can be seen here, you will add white units  on either side of the blue units to give a shape to the body of the peacock.

Step 12:

Since the front of the peacock is done, start building the tail of the peacock.

The first row (of the tail) will be of 16 blue units – thereon, increase the number of units of each row by one unit as you keep building.


Step 13:

As you keep building, a pattern is made as shown.

OPCK19keep adding the units…

OPCK20again a pattern is made…


and here is the completed origami peacock tail.

OPCK22Step 14:

For the neck of the peacock, make a similar structure depending on the length of the neck you want.

OPCK23Step 15:

The beak is inserted – one orange unit is used. My peacock’s neck used up a total of 24 units (23 white and 1 orange).


Step 16:

Attach the neck to the front (which we completed in step 11).


Step 17:

Eyes are drawn.

The gorgeous origami peacock with its tail feathers spread and standing majestic is here!


A couple of other views of the model.


I’ve tried to make the tutorial as clear as possible, but wherever you may have queries, do let me know…


  1. Jayanthi Ramesh

    Simply superbbb Ramya; a craft(y) girl??? 🙂

  2. How will i increase one unit each row for the tail please instruct me. I’m having a problem here. 🙂

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