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Origami Menko

Origami Menko – Folding Instructions

An origami menko is one of the traditional modular origami models in which two paper units are connected to form the model. This origami model is the precursor the origami cube which was designed based on the folding technique of a menko.

Menkos are one of the earliest modular origami models and to this date remain one of the popular modular origami models too. The sheer simplicity of the model could be one of the reasons it is this popular.

Origami Menko

How to fold an Origami Menko:

Step 1:

Start with a square sheet of paper. You will need two such sheets of paper for one menko.

OM1Step 2:

Make a triple fold (like that of a letter) such that equally spaced creases are formed.

OM2Turn the paper and here is the folded piece.

OM3Step 3:

Start form the right bottom corner and fold it inward to meet the top of the rectangle forming a triangle – similarly fold the top left inward. You have two triangles – but facing the opposite directions as shown.


Step 4:

Follow steps 1 to 3 to make one more such unit. We will now join these two pieces together.

OM5Step 5:

Place one piece over the other.

OM6Step 6:

Bring the right flap inwards and fold.

OM7Step 7:

Bring the top flap down and fold.

OM8Step 8:

Now the left flap in folded.

OM9Step 9:

As you could see, all the flaps so far were just folded – one on top of the other. The last flap alone will be inserted / tucked in.


One this flap is tucked in, the model will get clasped well and here it is completed.

Paper Menko

You can also try out the Origami Cube model – the units are quite similar to what we made here. Check out the tutorial.

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