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Origami crow

Origami Crow Folding Instructions

Steps to fold an origami crow using a sheet of paper is given here. This is a simple origami model which kids can make.

Paper crow glimpse

How to fold an origami crow:

Step 1:

Start with a square sheet of paper.

OCR1Step 2:

Fold the paper to make a preliminary base. (See how)

OCR2Step 3:

Bring the sides of the top flap towards the vertical crease at the center. Flatten well to make creases.

OCR3Step 4:

Flip the model and repeat Step 3 for the other side as well.

OCR4Step 5:

Fold the top downward as shown. Press well along the fold to make a crease.

OCR5Step 6:

Unfold the model to get a triangular crease.

OCR6Step 7:

Open up the top flap and flatten along the folds.

OCR7Once flattened, the model would like like this.

OCR8Step 8:

Flip and repeat step 7 for the other side of the model. Once this is done, you would get a rhombus like the one below.

OCR9Step 9:

Lift up the tips of the rhombus pointing downward and fold them.



Step 10:

Flip the model.

OCR12Step 11:

Fold the model in half along the vertical crease at the center.


OCR13Step 12:

Now make a triangular fold at the top for making the head of the crow.

OCR14Step 13:

Crease and then make a reverse fold.

OCR15Here is the completed crow.

Origami crow

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