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Fabric Scrap Rosettes Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to do this tutorial on making fabric rosettes for a long time now. So when I found a piece of nice fabric scrap, that piece was transformed into a pretty flower in no time.


How to make Rosettes using Fabric scrap:

Step 1:

Take a suitable piece of fabric scrap. I took this piece of cloth which had some self embroidery on it, more importantly the color is what I liked about it. Anyway, the pieces will come out pretty no matter what texture or design you pick up.

Step 2:

Fold the strip in half and glue the open ends together.

Step 3:

I folded the cloth further in half and used fabric glue to hold the folds together. This step is optional though, I prefer to make it this way because I somehow tend to get a prettier rosette when the folds are more – the petals have a thicker appearance.

The resultant strip of fabric is what we are going to use to make the flower.

Step 4:

Start rolling the strip. Apply a little glue while making the first roll.

Step 5:

Bring the strip to the left and then fold it downward.

Now make a tight wrap.

Step 6:

In the same manner, keep twisting the strip occasionally and keep wrapping it around. Glue can be used sparingly for every alternate wrap.

You can see below how the design is slowly getting shaped.

Step 7:

Now the end of the strip is glued well to the bottom. Allow the glue to dry for a few minutes so that the wraps are secure.

Flip and here is the pretty rosette.


Thinking….I am going to make a few rosettes with pearl strings. Just have to look around and find a nice piece of cloth for that. These rosettes would be pretty on headbands, brooches and pins.

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