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Spiral Foam Roses

Spiral Foam Roses – Tutorial

This DIY tutorial will show you how to make foam roses using the spiral cut technique. This is one of the old techniques to make roses quickly. The technique is simple and you can make these along with your kids as a fun project.

Supplies: We will be using craft foam, glue and scissors to make these roses.

Foam Roses dIY

Technique of making roses using Craft Foam

Step 1:

Started with a square piece of craft foam cut out.

Step 2:

A spiral design was drawn on the foam piece using pencil in a light shade.

Step 3:

Then started cutting along the spiral design.

Here is the spiral after it was cut… It doesn’t matter if the spiral is not very even.

Step 4:

Applied a good white glue on the lower edge of the spiral.

Step 5:

Began rolling starting from the outer ring of the spiral.

Kept rolling on and then the last part was glued as shown such that it becomes the bottom of the rose.

Turn over for the spiral rose.

Step 6:

A small piece of green color foam in the shape of a leaf was cut out and glue was applied.

Step 7:

Leaf was attached to the rose.

And the completed rose with leaf is here…

Recently some one told me that it was Martha Stewart who made this technique as popular as it is, but for me it was my craft teacher in school who first shared this cool technique… kudos to them for sharing this awesome technique!

So anyway, I had to make these roses in a few more colors and sizes. How could I stop with just one when they are so pretty?!! These look like roses iced on a cake!

Spiral Foam Roses

Then glued on magnets to the back of these roses and made colorful craft foam rose magnets.

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