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Quilled Paper Roses

Paper Roses Quilling

This is a simple tutorial on paper roses quilling. You will need a paper strip and a slotted quilling tool to make these roses. This isn’t really an advanced technique, so even beginners could get this done quite easily.

Paper Roses quilling

Paper roses quilling  – Tutorial:

Step 1:

We will start by inserting the quilling strip in the slotted quilling needle.

Step 2:

Make a couple of wraps around the needle.

Step 3:

Fold the strip downwards are shown.

Step 4:

Now roll the strip around the needle.

Step 5:

Continue to fold the strip downwards and then rolling it around the needle – i.e., keep repeating steps 3 and 4.

Step 6:

One you have the rose structure of the desired size, cut the remaining part of the strip off and glue the end to the bottom of the rose structure.

You can make these roses for handmade cards, wreaths and so on.

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