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Paddle Hand Fan – DIY

This is the ‘how to’ on making a paddle hand fan using corrugated card board.

Paddle Hand Fan

How To make a Paddle Hand Fan:

Step 1:

Draw the outline of the fan on the cardboard piece.

Step 2:

Cut out along the outline.

Step 3:

Glue on scrap booking paper of chosen design on both sides of the cardboard.

Step 5:

Cut out a stick like piece from the cardboard. (Make one more such piece)

Step 6:

Glue this on using white adhesive as shown.

Step 7:

Flip and repeat Step 6 for the other side. Join the sticks together and glue well.

Step 8:

Add decorative elements as you like. I’ve used a strip of lace here for a vintage look.

These paddle fans are simple to make and can be done for diy weddings in little time.

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