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Oyster Shell Wedding Ring Holder

Oyster Shell Wedding Ring Holder

A friend of mine brought a small oyster shell when she had been to the beach some time back. Here is the oyster shell transformed into something else which is suitable for a DIY wedding… ‘Beach theme’ maybe?!

Oyster Shell Wedding Ring Holder

Steps to make the Wedding ring Holder:

Step 1:

We will start with a small oyster shell.

Step 2:

I was initially toying with the idea of lining a layer of felt inside the shell. But then, a coat of pearl color seemed to have a better look and so here is the second step – a coat of pearl acrylic color painted inside the shell.

Step 3:

For the outside of the oyster shell, gold acrylic color is painted.

Step 4:

A coat of clear sealant is brushed on both the inside and the outside of the shell. This is left to dry for a couple of hours.

I just placed a ring to see how it looks 🙂

Step 5:

On the bottom shell, apply some glue (which becomes transparent when dry) and place a thread.

Step 6:

The ring is placed inside the shell, the shell is closed, the thread is brought up to the top shell and tied in a knot.

You can untie and open up the shell to take out the ring…

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