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Cherry Blossoms Kusudama – Tutorial

There are many types of the traditional kusudama. This beautiful art of paper folding will never stop surprising you.

The various patterns and the different method of making the units only result in increasing my kusudama addiction!

The one we see here is a Sakuradama or a Sakura Kusudama as it is referred to and I believe this model is by KAWASAKI Toshikazu. Thanks to the Japanese for this lovely art. 

Cherry Blossoms Kusudama

Instructions to make Cherry Flowers Kusudama

Step 1:

We will start with a square piece of paper.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Unfold the side folds.

Step 5:

Now fold the whole model outwards along the center crease.

Step 6:

Now fold the top flap as shown.

Step 7:

Flip and repeat the above step for the other flap.

Step 8:

Open up the fold. Lift up and insert the tip pointing down.

Step 9:

Step 10:

Fold the flap inward (as before) and the make a small fold at the top as shown. Unfold this after making a crease.

Step 11:

Now open along the center and lift the bottom upwards.

Step 12:

Press and flatten.

Step 13:

Open this fold out a little and then press the top along the crease we made in Step 10 to get this structure.

Step 14:

We will need a total of 5 units like the one above for one cherry flower.

Step 15:

Apply glue on the unit.

Step 16:

And attach the other unit as shown.

Step 17:

Similarly glue together 5 units to complete a flower.

Step 18:

We now make 11 more such flowers following the steps outlined above. One Kusudama needs 12 flowers.

Step 19:

Now to make the kusudama, we will apply glue as shown on each unit of the flower.

Step 20:

…And then attach another flower to it.

Step 21:

This way, keep gluing the flowers together and you have a cherry blossoms kusudama.

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  1. this tutorial is just amazing and I hope that it is going to be very helpful in my origami project thanks

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