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Beginner Idukku Pulli Kolam

Beginner Idukku Pulli Kolam – Steps

Idukku pulli kolam is a type of pulli kolam (dotted kolam) which is drawn on a base of interlaced dots/oodu pulli/idukku pulli. This is a simple idukku pulli kolam for beginners to get comfortable with this type of pulli kolam.

Beginner Idukku Pulli Kolam

How to Draw an Idukku Pulli Kolam:

Step 1:

A hexagonal base of dots is made. Always start with the middle row – in this case the row with 5 dots is drawn first. Then place the subsequent row of dots. Unlike naer pulli kolams, here the dots in each row is diagonal to its adjacent row.

Step 2:

Drawing the center circle gives better clarity of the grid of dots.

Step 3:

Step 4:

We will slowly proceed to more complex idukku pulli kolams.

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  1. I felt oodu pulli kolams are always tough one. The person who is good at memory can alone draw this type of kolam. But the way its taught really made me to learn oodu pulli kolam. Really appreciated for the way of teaching. Revathy Thillai

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