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Modular Origami Strawberry – Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how you could make a modular origami strawberry by assembling triangular paper units.

Modular Origami Strawberry

How To make a 3D origami strawberry:

We will need a total of 78 triangular units for this model.

These 78 units comprise of 65 units in Red/Pink color and 13 units in Green color.

Step 1:

Here are the pink color units made. The tutorial for making these triangular units is available here.

Step 2:

Join three pieces together by making these connector units.

Step 3:

Keep connecting units such that Rows 1 and 2 are formed with 13 units in each row.

Step 4:

Insert Row 3 with 13 units.

Step 5:

Bring the last row downwards to get the structure shown.

Step 6:

Row 4 is now inserted – 13 units.

Step 7:

Insert units for Row 5 (13 units) in the same fashion.

Step 8:

Now for the leaves of the strawberry, we will make 13 green color triangular units.

Step 9:

Insert each green unit at the top as shown.

View of the model from the top after the units have been inserted.

And… The finished strawberry model.



  1. hi lovely strawberry you made there could you please upload a tutorial to make a strawberry like this i dont know how many units should be in one row

  2. http://www.papercraftcentral.net/2012/02/3d-origami-origami-strawberry/
    i didn’t complete my last message and how many rows do you think this one uses

  3. hi again i might be asking too much I’m a beginner at this and really want to make this http://www.papercraftcentral.net/2011/07/3d-origami-table-set/ for my friend and i cant seem to get how to make the seat and the back of the chair straight if you could ,could you please help me with this

    • Looks like they’ve inserted rows with 7 and 8 units alternatively… and then reduced the number for the top two rows… should be possible to get the straight structure that way I guess.

  4. yr idea great .i impress ur art & craft.

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