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Origami Panda Bear

Modular Origami Panda Bear – DIY

This modular origami panda bear assembly is quite simple and the steps are similar to the Hello Kitty Doll we made sometime before. The tutorial follows..

Origami Panda Bear

How To make a 3D Origami Paper Panda:

We will need a total of 808 units for this modular origami model.

These 808 units would comprise of 198 Black (B) units and 610 White (W) units.

The model is split into Head (416 units = 48 B + 368 W) and Body (392 units = 150 B + 242 W) of the Bear.

The tutorial on making a triangular units for modular origami is available here.

Step 1:

Typically any modular origami model with triangular units starts with making a ring of units.

Here too, we will start by making Row 1 with 32 W (White) pieces.

Step 2:

We will continue adding Rows 2 to 4 in the same manner with 32 white units in each row.

Another view at this point to show how the units have been inserted.

Step 3:

Row 5 would have pieces as shown:

i.e., 3B – 4W – 3B. The rest of the row would all be white units. We have started making the black eye patches of the bear.

Step 4:

Now add units on top of the three black units (of Row 5) for making each eye patch.

As you can see we have inserted a total of 24 black units for one eye patch.

Step 5:

Repeat the above step for the other eye patch.

Add white units to complete each row.

Step 6:

A total of 13 rows with 32 units in each row complete the head of the bear.

Step 7:

Now, to make the body of the bear, we will start adding units in the same way as we made the head.

But here, we will be using 28 units in each row.

Make the base with 8 rows – 28 W (white) units in each row.

Step 8:

The next row (Row 9) would have 7 W units and 21 B units.

Step 9:

Add Rows 10 and 11 as shown.

Row 10 – 6 W and 22 B units

Row 11 – 5 W and 23 B units

Step 10:

Rows 12, 13 and 14 added fully with Black units.

The body of the bear is done.

Step 11:

Shove the body into the head of the bear. You can use glue to secure the model.

Step 12:

Now for some black construction paper ears…



And eyes…

Origami Panda

The modular origami panda bear is complete.


  1. Emily Studholme

    That’s Great! I am trying to make one for the International Expo day at my school, however I don’t understand how the first row fits together. please can you help me.
    Thank you Emily.

  2. It is a wonderful idea, but how would you make the triangles that connect together?

  3. hi, I’m making the panda for a school project but in your pictures the rows but in my panda they just spread out. How do I fix this?

  4. hi, I just wanted to ask how in your pictures the rows curve upwards but in my model they just spread out like on oval, also how can I fix this

  5. hey, i want to make this with full a4 paper modules, so it gets bigger ^^
    is everything te same if i do that? or do i have to make more rows?

  6. Hi Ramya

    It is very nice . I am interested in more modules can you spare few more to learn

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