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Lovy Dovey Felt Keychain

Lovey Dovey Felt Keychain – DIY

A felt key chain could be pretty gift for almost any occasion – this one here is suitable to gift your loved ones.

Glimpse of the Key chain:

Lovy Dovey Felt Keychain

How To make a felt key chain:

Step 1:

Take a piece of felt cloth and draw the outline of the chosen design.

Step 2:

Cut out along the outline.

Cut one more piece in the same shape and size.

Step 3:

Cut out two more smaller pieces of felt in a different color.

Step 4:

Set the smaller piece at the center of the bigger piece.

Step 5:

Attach the two pieces together by making hand-stitches.

Step 6:

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for making one more such piece.

Stitch both the pieces along the outline. Leave a small part un-stitched at the top to stuff cotton and to attach a string/ribbon loop.

Step 7:

Stuff cotton from the opening at the top.

Step 8:

Make a ribbon loop at the top and stitch to close the opening and to secure the ribbon.

The key chain ring can be inserted in the ribbon loop.

This would make a pretty gift for mother’s day too. You can customize with the initials or name of the person you would like to gift it to.

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  1. Soooo cute!
    all ur crafts r awesome and neately explained. I am not so crafty yet when i surf blogs like yours, it motivates.

    Best wishes!


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