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Origami Easter Egg

3D Origami Easter Egg – Tutorial

With just a few more days for Easter, I just thought I’d make a 3 dimensional origami Easter Egg.

Glimpse of the Result:

Origami Easter Egg

How To make an Origami Egg:

Step 1:

You will need a total of 287 triangular units for this egg. As you can see, I’ve made it using two colors – white and pink. So for a similar pattern, 231 units of white and 56 units of pink would be required.

You can see the tutorial on how to make the triangular units here.

Step 2:

We will start by making Row 1 and Row  2 using white paper triangles. Make connector units as shown.

Step 3:

Keep adding till you have 8 units in each row.

At this point, we have consumed 16 units ( 8 X 2).

Step 4:

Add Row 3. This row would again have 8 units of white.

Step 5:

The next row, Row 4 would have 12 units of pink paper.

Step 6:

Start assembling Row 5.

Row 5 would use up a total of  12 white units.

This is quite a sturdy model and does not need any glue to be used.

Step 7:

Keep adding rows 6 to 9. We will gradually increase the number of units in each row.

 Row 6 = 18 white units

Row 7 = 18 white units

Row 8 = 18 pink units

Row 9 = 27 white units.

Step 8:

Now add Rows 10 and 11. Each of these rows would have 27 triangular units of white paper.

Step 9:

We will now gradually reduce the number of units to get the egg shape.

Add Row 12, a row of pink in the manner shown below. You will be using a 14 units of pink for this row.

Step 10:

Now add 3 rows of white.

Row 13, 14 and 15 – these three rows will have 18 white units each.

Step 11:

Next step is to add Row 16 which consists of 12 units of pink.

Step 12:

The last two rows, Row 17 and Row 18 will be added with 12 white units in each row.

Origami Easter Egg

Here is the cool Easter egg made out of paper!


  1. Hi!

    I’m a beginner of origami and now I need help. I have tried to make the Easter 3d egg. Your instruction is very good, but I think I had do it wrong either. When I do cirka a half of the egg, the pieces fall down and I can’t continue. I have tried several times, but the same every time. Now I give up. Do you know why it is like this? Is anything wrong, or what?

    Sincerely Ann-Charlotte from Sweden

    • Hi! The egg model is little tricky… you will have to hold the model firmly as you build the rows – when you are close to completing the egg, you will see that the model becomes much more stronger and the pieces will not fall off!!

  2. Wonerful.u r doing a great job.realy this tutorials help us to make many crafts.so thank u so mch.

  3. Hi I have finished the model and used your instructions to do so. One pointer the parts where it goes from 18 in a row to 14 needs to be explained a little more. A detailed instruction on how many of the 18 triangle spikes should go in each of the 14 triangles slots in order to guarantee evenness would be great!

    Hope that makes sense

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