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Madhubani Pot Painting

Madhubani Style Pot Painting

Madhubani Paintings, also known as Mithila paintings is one of the ancient forms of painting which originated in Mithila, in the state of Bihar. The paints were made using natural dyes/pigments and painted using twigs or fingers. In the ancient days, the mud walls of houses served as the canvas for this art while these days Madhubani paintings are done on canvas, handmade paper or cloth.

As an admirer of this form of painting, and as a beginner, this is my first attempt at making a simple Madhubani design on a mud pot.

Madhubani Pot Painting

Most Madhubani paintings had natural objects as the theme. However, larger paintings depicting various epics, mythological events, Gods and Goddesses were also painted.

These paintings are characterized by the use of basic colors, black outlines and flat strokes.

How to paint in the Madhubani Style

Step 1:

Start with a clean mud pot. (If its not clean, clean it :)! )

Step 2:

A few base colors, viz green, red and white have been used here.

Step 3:

Paint the chosen designs using the acrylic colors. If handmade paper is the chosen canvas, then poster colors would be more suitable.

Once the first coat is painted and dry, you can paint one more coat. Since we are painting on a pot, two coats are desirable to ensure the design is neat and even.

Step 4:

Use black acrylic paint to outline the design.

Step 5:

Allow the paint to dry and then apply a coat of clear varnish.

Madhubani Pot PaintingAs you can see, this is a very simple design – typically Madhubani paintings have very less empty space and are covered with different objects and motifs. I wanted to start off with something minimal and so went with this design for this pot painting project.

Lets gradually increase the complexity…

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