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M Seal Necklace

M Seal is a convenient product to use for making different hand crafted items. Here is an attempt at making a necklace using M Seal.

Clay Necklace

How To:

Step 1:

The two components in a M Seal box are rolled together till they get fully mixed.

Step 2:

Roll it like a long cylinder.

Step 3:

Cut out pieces of smaller to mildly bigger size.

Step 4:

Roll and flatten each piece like a coin.

Step 5:

Make holes in each piece by inserting a needle.

Step 6:

Allow the pieces to harden. (Air dry)

Step 7:

Apply coats of metallic acrylic colors of choice.

Step 8:

Allow the paint to dry and then apply a clear coat of varnish.

Step 9 :

Insert the pieces in a plastic wire.

Step 10:

Attach hooks and jump rings at the end and the necklace is done.

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