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Clay Mural on Wood

Clay Mural on Wooden Block

Clay murals can be done on almost any surface. In this tutorial, you will see how a clay mural can be done on a block of wood.

Glimpse of the Mural:

Clay Mural

How To make a clay mural:

Step 1:

A block of wood is taken and a base coat of primer is applied. I’ve taken a block measuring 10″ X 10″ inches for this project.

Step 2:

Based on the size of the central image, a frame is drawn. The central image used here is that of a Hindu deity Ganesh in plastic. I’ve painted a couple of coats of gold acrylic color on it.

Step 3:

Self hardening clay (Fevicryl Shilpkar Clay was used – M Seal is a good alternative) is made into thin rope like structures to form the mural outlines. The clay can just be pressed against the wood to attach them together, glue wouldn’t be really required unless you’d like to be extra cautious :).

Step 4: 

Pebble like designs are made using the clay and set on the block. I made small balls of clay and pressed it on the wooden surface; then used the back of brush to make the impressions at the center.

Step 5:

Allow the clay to dry and harden for 45 minutes to an hour.

Step 6:

Base coat of acrylic colors are painted.

Step 7:

Two coats of metallic acrylic colors are painted on top of the base coat. A drying time of five to ten minutes is allowed between each coat.

Step 8:

The central figure is taken and a suitable adhesive is applied along the outline.

Step 9:

This is then set at the center of the wooden block and pressed well.

Clay Mural on WoodStep 10:

A coat of clear varnish is applied on evenly and allowed to dry.

These kind of murals can be made using ceramic powder as well. But I find the hobby clay easier and faster to work with.


  1. Fabulous Ramya!

  2. It has turned out fabulous..

  3. Hi Ramya. Simple to understand tutorial. Just a doubt. What is the primer that you have used.

  4. Hi,
    Can you tell which clay you have used?
    Can we user air-dry paperclay which is available in market?


  5. Hello,ur work is awesome.can u pls tell me which brand of varnish u used?

    • Hi Neha, some good varnish brands that you can try are Varathane, Minwax Polycrylic, Hobby Live – Acryl Glanzlac ans sculpey Gloss glaze. The first two might be available online but aren’t available in India.

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