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Yarn Wrapped Bottles DIY

Yarn Wrapped Bottle – DIY

Any old bottle lying around at your home can be converted into an elegant vase. You can use jute or woolen yarn (or use them both!) to make vases with this technique.

Yarn Wrapped Bottles DIYHow To:

Materials- Start with a glass bottle and a bundle of jute yarn. You would also need white adhesive, acrylic colors and scissors.

Apply white adhesive on the circumference of the bottle and start wrapping the yarn.

Keep on applying glue and wrapping firmly and evenly till the bottom of the bottle. I then diluted the white adhesive and applied a thin coat on the bottle to hold together the thin jute threads sticking out. You can see white bits here and there in my bottle because of this. But I really didn’t care much as I was going to paint it anyway.

So now, once the glue is dry, metallic acrylic color is painted on the yarn.

Few more shades of metallic color has been painted.

Allow the paint coats to dry and here is our wrapped bottle.

I’m going to try this technique with wool yarn soon… You can too..Simple and fun!


  1. Hi…all your craft work looks good 🙂
    Can I know how you made the roses in the vase
    Thk u

  2. Wonderful! So many great ideas! Thank you for inspiration!

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