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Wollen Billy Buttons

Wool Billy Button Flowers DIY

Craspedia flowers or billy buttons can be made using wool yarn to brighten up the living room. These flowers are one of the simplest flowers to make too!

Wollen Billy Buttons

The method of making these flowers is similar to how you would do a pom pom.

How To:

Step 1 – Start by wrapping two fingers using the wool yarn. When you think you’ve made enough wraps (I wound the yarn about 30 times to make a dense flower), cut off the yarn.

Step 2 – Slide the yarn off your fingers and make a tight knot at the center.

Step 3 – Cut all the loops formed.

Step 4 – Now start trimming the yarn. you will have to trim a large part of the yarn off to get a neat ball.

Make many such balls. I made them in two colors.

Step 5 – Apply some glue on to a piece of metal string for the stem.

Step 6 – Insert the string in the woolen ball to finish the flower.

Make few more flowers in the similar method and arrange them in a vase.

These billy buttons also make a pretty bouquet for a DIY wedding. We shall make these flowers using different materials as we keep experimenting.


  1. Wow Ramya…u r super cool….Loved your posts a lot 🙂 Lot of things to learn from you

  2. Hi Ramya,
    I just saw all your post.It is simply superb.
    The end product,presentation,the way you explained,step by step photos everything is awesome. REALLY good work. Hats offf to you….

  3. This is so nice! I have some pom poms lying around. I have them in different colors and was toying with the idea of making a pom pom scarf for my littlle one, but we know where I’m headed after this easy peasy tutorial. Thanks a zillion, Ramya. You’re such a dear 🙂

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