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Quilled Earring – Flower Pattern

A simple pair of quilled earrings made using the tear drop pattern (yes..yet again!)

Glimpse of the Earrings:


Make 16 quilled tear drop pieces with two colors. Dark shade of green and a lighter bluish green shade has been used here.

Apply glue on one piece.

Start gluing the pieces together.

Make a ring of eight pieces for each earring.

For the center of the earring, a small ring is quilled.

This ring is glued on to the center.

A loop is attached on the top of the earring.

Jump rings and the earring hooks are inserted.

The earrings are done.

Let’s make a few more quilled earring variants as we continue to experiment.


  1. Hi I find our work very neat and extremely perfect. Being a art lover myself I just want to know how u make the jewelry look so shiny or glossy. Wat sealant do u use ? And once u have finished sticking everything together how do u do ur final touch?

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