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Yarn Wrapped Bangle

DIY – Yarn Wrapped Bangle

Wool yarn can be wrapped around your old wooden or plastic bangles. A brand new accessory is what you’ve made for yourself in no time.

Yarn Wrapped Bangle

This is a no-sew project. All you need is yarn, glue, scissors and a bangle.

Start off by applying glue at one point in the bangle and glue the yarn firmly to the bangle.

Apply a little glue on the surface of the bangle. Wrap the yarn slow and tight around the bangle.

Keep wrapping till the bangle is fully covered. You can use multiple shades and experiment with different designs once you get the hang of it.


  1. hi ramya,
    ur arts and craft is very beautiful .

  2. How do you secure the loose end after you’ve finished wrapping the bangle? Apply adhesive? Won’t that bit show? Your yarn-wrapped bangle is exquisite. Please share the tip.

    • Hello… Yes use adhesive… but use fabric glue… Not really – if the right quantity of fabric glue is used and is glued on the inside of the bangle, it will look neat!

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