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Quilled earrings

Red and Green Quilled Earrings

Being a rookie to quilling, my experiments with these amazing strips of paper shall continue… I had made these earrings to go with my new outfit in a red and green combination. The earring design is quite simple and are made using strips of 3 mm wide red and green color strips.

Glimpse of the Earrings:

Quilled earringsHow to:

A tear drop shape is done using the green strip. I’ve used a little metallic color to add some shine to the earring.

Tight coils are made in red. 5 coils for each piece; so you’ll need a total of ten such coils. I really like making these tight coils.

Glue the pieces to form the design.

Once the base design is done, glue on a quilled loop at the top.

Insert earring hooks at the top to finish the pair of earrings.

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  1. Hi,
    Good to see your tutorials in quilling. Can you tell me how you get a large space in the tight coils in the centre?. If I use my quilling slotted needle, the centre space is very little. Please help.

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