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Star Rangoli Designs

Here is a collection of star rangoli designs to add more sparkle to your festive season.

These Rangoli designs are suitable for any occasion, be it Diwali or Christmas.

All the below rangolis are drawn using 13 to 7 Interlaced Dots. (Oodu Pulli or Idukku Pulli)

Design 1:

Design 2:

Design 3:

Design 4:

Design 5:


  1. Dear Ramya,
    I love your kolams. Do you have tutorials in your website for idukku pulli kolams especially the dot skeleton how to start and end them. I am talking about idukku pulli dot skeleton which appears like hexagon.
    You have some nice kolams like star and diamond kolams. Can you help me to learn it.

    Srividya Kumar Iyer

    • Hi Srividya,

      Thank you for your comments… I shall come up with a tutorial on idukku pulli kolams soon…do check out…

  2. Srividya Kumar Iyer

    Dear Ramya,

    Once you publish Idukku Pulli tutorials kolams especially the dot counts skeleton please intimate me by e-mail. Thanks a lot for your help.

    Srividya Kumar

  3. Mrs Srividya Kumar Iyer

    Dear Ramya,
    In star rangoli posting design no 5 is interlaced dots I want step by step how to put dots if it is video tutorial will be great.

    Mrs Srividya Kumar Iyer

  4. Hi, really inspired by your work. Can you let me know which software you are using to create the dots and rangolis.

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