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Paper Flower Christmas Tree Ornaments

Paper Flower Christmas Ornaments – DIY

Making ornaments and gift wraps for the holiday season is an exciting and fun activity to do. This DIY tutorial will show you how to make flowery Christmas ornaments using paper.

Glimpse of the Ornaments:

Paper Flower Christmas Tree Ornaments

These are the ornaments we will be making in this project, I liked the pink one better. Much more brighter you see…

The technique of making these flowers is actually quite simple which is why this tutorial is special; simple and beautiful is what we like, but that’s not the case most times!

How To make paper flower ornaments:

Step 1:

Start by cutting two strips of paper. Take a slightly thick shet of papr so that the flower design you will be making remains intact.

We will call the smaller strip as Size 1 strip and the bigger one as Size 2 strip. Size 2 is double the length of size 1 strip. We will need a total of ten strips in each size for making one flower.

Step 2:

Stack the strips by placing size 1 and 2 alternatively. Glue or staple them at the center to secure the stack. Is this image clear?! I hope it is….

Step 3:

Bend the smaller strip inwards and glue it close to the center crease of the stack.

Step 4:

Now the next strip to be glued would be the longer one – bend this inwards again and glue it.

Step 5:

Keep repeating the steps 3 and 4 by alternatively gluing the size 1 and 2 strips.

Step 6:

Once all the strips are glued, you will have a flowery structure.

Paper Ornament

You can shape each petal at the corner like a dahlia flower as shown.

These ornaments can be made using multiple color strips to make the holiday season more colorful and your decorations attractive. These flowers can also be glued on top of gift boxes as embellishments.

Competing in Challenge:  CraftyJC Challenge #12 – Holiday Favors


  1. wonderful ramya.Colors are very bright and attractive

  2. Fun little tutorial~ great project! Thanks for joining in at CraftyJC~

  3. Lovely flowers! And tks for sharing the tutorial too!
    Thanks for joining in the fun at Crafty JC!

  4. beautiful flowers.
    i will try it

  5. These are soo cute. I will be trying one soon 🙂

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