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Make Elf Hat

How to Make an Elf Hat

Following in the series of hats, here is the tutorial to make an Elf Hat using felt or velvet cloth. I’ve used velvet cloth for this tutorial.

The technique of making the elf hat is similar to how we made the Santa Hat sometime before.

Glimpse of the Hat:

How To:

Step 1:

Draw the hat outline on the plain side of the velvet cloth. The base of the outline should be such that it is suitable for the person for whom you are making the hat. Mine had a base of about 12 inches (for one piece).

Step 2:

Fold the cloth in two and cut out along the outline. You will have two pieces like the one shown below.

Step 3:

Sew the two pieces together along the edges. I chose to hand sew the pieces, and it took quite some time!

Step 4:

Once the two pieces are fully sewn, you will have this.

Step 5:

Turn the hat inside out.

Step 6:

Cut out a piece of red felt or velvet cloth in a zig zag pattern.

Step 7: 

Attach this zig zag piece at the bottom using fabric glue or stitch them together to complete the hat.

Make Elf Hat

You can attach a pom pom or a jingle bell if you’d like but I felt the hat was good enough without anything more.

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