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Diya Decor

Diya Decoration for Karthigai

Since the diya decoration I had made for Diwali had such good response both from my friends and relatives as well as from my visitors, I made another batch of diyas for Karthigai.

Glimpse of a Few Decorated Diyas:

Diya Decoration

Diya Decoration Tutorial:

Step 1:

Take a set of diyas and wash them to clean impurities. I bought different types of designed diyas so that the decorations stand out well.

Step 2:

Each diya is painted in multiple shades of metallic acrylic color.

Step 3:

Make designs using glitter glue of contrast colors.

Step 4:

Allow the glitter to dry and then paste rhinestones wherever suitable.

Now apply a coat of clear varnish to protect the paint. Allow the varnish to dry well. The varnish will give an added shine to the diya.

A few other designs made:

Light these decorated diyas in and around your homes.

Diya decoration collection

There might be a little discoloration of the paint because of the heat, but not much since we’ve applied a coat of varnish.


  1. Good Effort and colorful,But would appriciate if you had given closer view of other lamps too

  2. Hello,

    your diyas are fabulous. Love love love them
    BTW where do you get the diyas?

    Thanks for showing the steps one by one,
    you are awesome to share


  3. Hi Ramya,
    I’m going to try for this diwali, just wanted to ask can we light these colorful lamps as we have stones and other decorative items in the center?

    please suggest

    • You can…except that there would be discoloration… I’ve tried it… But if there are stones at the nose of the lamp where the wick is generally lit, then better not light them.

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