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Polymer Clay Ethnic Pin

Making an Ethnic Brooch – Tutorial

We will be making a vintage style ethnic brooch using M Seal or polymer clay.

Glimpse of the Result:

Make an ethnic broochHow To:

Step 1:

Make a smooth ball out of polymer clay or alternatively using M Seal.

Step 2:

Make a structure like a center ball like piece mounted on a circular flat piece.

Step 3:

Place a string of pearls around the center piece.

Step 4:

Make petal like designs and attach them to the base design made.

Step 5:

Make indents or any other design on the clay.

Step 6:

Add any other design to the model.

Step 7:

Flip the model. Apply a little glue and fix a safety pin.

Step 8:

If you use M Seal, allow the model to air dry for an hour. The clay will harden. If it is polymer clay, you would have to bake the model.

Step 9:

Paint the clay model using a metallic acrylic color and allow the paint to dry.

Polymer Clay Ethnic Pin

Step 10:

Apply a coat of clear varnish and allow it to air dry for a few hours.


  1. This is BAD instruction. First they say use polymer clay (or M Seal, whatever that is!), then at the end they say it will air dry. Polymer clay must be baked to cure; it does not air cure. Poor, incomplete, wrong instructions!

    • Hey thanks for your comment – you are right. The instruction was not clear at all (Bad indeed)! I’ve edited th relevant posts with clearer instructions to fix this…!

    • Gillian, M Seal is a product exclusive to India and it is used to fix leaks, join plumbing paraphernalia, etc. (Google it). There is no need to be rude if you do not understand something.. just ask! You could have pointed out the loophole in the instructions in a far better manner. In any case, we hope you just read through the instructions and did not ACTUALLY sit down to craft a brooch with polymer clay and discover at the end that it needs to be baked. Even then, you could have requested someone else to get it baked for you. Why the ire? Good luck in your art projects.

      And Ramya, kudos to you for charming our socks off with that polite response. You rock!

  2. Hi Ramya,

    The brooch is beautiful! I sincerely thank you for taking the time to share the design. I also appreciate you updating the instructions, which should have been requested by the individual complaining by using good manners.

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