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Clay work on pot

Clay Mural Work on Pot

Here is a simple mural work made on a mud pot, a little enhanced version of a pot painting.

Glimpse of the Result:

Clay Mural on Pot


Step 1:

Start with a mud pot of suitable design, remove impurities if any.

Step 2:

Make the base designs using any self hardening clay. I’ve used Fevicryl craft clay which is similar to polymer clay.

Step 3:

Paint a coat of acrylic colors of choice.

Step 4:

Next is to apply a coat of metallic acrylic paint for the base design.

Step 5:

Then paint the border designs.

Step 6:

You can use sparkle glue wherever suitable.

Step 7:

Embedding a few rhinestones wouldn’t hurt. This depends on your design though.

Step 8:

Allow the paint and glue to dry. Paint a clear coat of varnish and allow it to dry.

Clay work on pot

Was quite happy with this – and that definitely doesn’t happen often 🙂


  1. Hi Ramya,

    Really a good tutorials. I am also interested in art and craft. But not taken any initiatives. I wud like to do full time job in art and craft.
    Please guide me for the same.

    • Hi Jyoti, I’m as such still trying to attain perfection in my works, so haven’t started selling my handmade items.. but if you do wish to sell handmade products, wonderful platforms such as etsy.com are available. Good luck!

  2. Your work is amazing!!

  3. Superb art

  4. Hello ma’am ,
    I like d way U are teaching d small-2 things.
    Even I am also interested in art n craft but need to improve my skills like U…

    great work ma’am….

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