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Puja Thali

How to make a Diwali Thali

Thalis are decorative plates used for puja and special occasions such as Diwali. The thali is simple to make and will need less than an hour of your time.

These can even be used as wall hangings in your puja room.

Glimpse of the Result:

Puja Thali

How To:

You can start with a hard plastic or silver plate.

I’ve used a medium sized plastic plate for this thali.

Step 1:

Paint the plate using acrylic color. Apply two to three coats and allow the paint to dry.

Step 2:

Make a simple center design in a contrasting color within which later we will paint a bold motif.

Step 3:

Add bold designs around the center. Be creative and paint designs as you please.

Step 4:

Paint another decorative outer design and a motif at the center. For thalis, you can paint the ‘Om’ symbol or a decorative diya at the center in metallic acrylic colors.

Step 5:

Outline the designs using sparkle glue and stick kundan or plastic gems to add a rich look to the thali.

Diwali Thali

Allow the paint and glue to dry.

Step 6:

Apply a clear coat of varnish and allow to dry.

This thali can be made bigger and suitable puja accessories in silver or bronze can be used. For Diwali, these thalis can be used to carry decorative diyas to adorn your homes and add color to any festive occasion.


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