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Paper cup daisies

Paper Cup Flowers Tutorial

If you’ve got a birthday party and you want to put up some colorful decorations within a short time, then these paper cup flowers would be the best choice.

This is easily one of my favorite paper cup craft projects due to its sheer simplicity and this can be a fun craft for kids to do. And the output is so lovely!

Glimpse of the Result:

Paper cup flowers

For this you will need:

  1. Paper Cup
  2. Scissors
  3. Poster Colors
  4. Tissue/Crepe Paper
  5. Glue

How To make paper cup flowers:

Step 1:

Take a paper cup of the desired size. A paper cup with a height of about 3 inches (or 3 oz) could be appropriate for the flowers.

Step 2:

Cut the paper cup starting from its mouth towards the base in a straight line. Keep cutting these equidistant slits. I have spaced the slits at a distance of 1 inch between.

Step 3:

Press and flatten each strip to form the wide open petals of the flower.

Step 4:

Paint the petals using poster or acrylic colors. Water colors would also work. I like bright colors for any decoration and so have chosen yellow color for the flower. Don’t worry if some paint hits the center, it won’t be seen anyway once we’re done.

Allow the  paint to dry for some time.

Step 5:

Using a pen or pencil, roll each strip (petal) slowly backwards.

Step 6:

Repeat the above step for all the petal strips to get a similar structure.

Step 7:

Now for the center of the flower, crush some crepe paper or tissue paper. Make a ball out of the crushed paper, flatten and paste it in the center using glue. The paper cup flower is done!

You can make these paper cup daisies in multiple colors and sizes for putting up on the wall as a decor for kids’ parties.

Paper cup daisiesYou could even cut out paper like a smiley and glue it at the center of these paper cup flowers.

These will also come in handy as a summer holiday craft project.

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