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Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago is one of the few museums where contemporary visual culture is exhibited with grandeur through sculptures, sketches and paintings. The works of popular artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol are a part of the permanent collection of this museum. Works from and after the year 1945 have created a rich collection of more than 2000 art works since its inception in 1967.

Museum of Contemporary Art

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The unique aspect of this museum is the freshness of the art works displayed here. Unlike many other museums, this gallery will definitely throw in surprises as you stroll through its corridors.

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Live shows are organized by the museum every year and an eclectic array of live shows are performed by various theatre artists as a part of this fest. Lectures, classes and year round workshops are organized on diverse historical and cultural topics of our time.

The collection in the museum is kind of weird at the same time interesting with a wide range of artistic exhibits. The works are enjoyable and inspiring with a focus on varied and multiple dimensions of art.

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The museum was revamped recently making its infrastructure more visitor friendly.

MCA Chicago

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The sculpture garden is one of the key features of the museum. Sculptures made of different materials and depicting varied ideas are exhibited in this garden.

A section of the gallery is dedicated to aspiring and promising artists which thereby adds to the freshness of its collection.

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

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Visitors can check out the website before visiting the place as it will give an idea about the schedules and the museum timings. The museum gift shop and restaurant are also quite useful and are reasonably priced as well. The large library is nothing short of a treasure house for art enthusiasts, making the visit more enjoyable.

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