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Tissue Paper Flower

Making Tissue Paper Flowers

This is a simple tutorial which explains how to make daisy flowers using tissue paper. These tissue paper flowers can add a little color to handmade cards or a bunch of these flowers can be arranged in a vase.

Glimpse of the Result:

Tissue Paper Flower

Supplies and Tools Needed:

  1. Tis­sue Paper in a suitable color
  2. White pearl (slightly bigger one)
  3. 24 Gauge Wire
  4. Florist Tape
  5. Artificial leaves
  6. Scis­sors
  7. Adhesive

How to make tissue paper flowers:

Step 1:

Fold the tissue paper in halves. Make the number of folds equivalent to the number of flower layers you would need. I’ve made around 10 folds (for one flower). You could even make these flowers with facial tissues like Cleenex.

Step 2:

Draw the flower layer pattern on the folded tissue paper. You could directly cut these out too. I am not great at that, and so had to draw the pattern.

Step 3:

Cut the paper along the pattern drawn with the fold intact. Alternatively, you can use a Daisy die and punch out the pattern.

Step 4:

Place one layer of paper on top of another and glue them together using a mild adhesive. You will get a layered stack to form the flower.

Step 5:

Make a small hole at the center using a needle.

Step 6:

Slide a pearl in the metal wire and fasten it at the top.

Step 7:

Insert this in the hole made.

Step 8:

To hold the flower well, you can insert a circular piece of chart paper at the bottom of the flower. This is optional – instead, you can start wrapping the floral tape directly for the stem. The floral tape has to be wrapped till the end of the stem.

Step 9:

Now insert leaves in the stem. You can also make your own leaves using thick paper and attach them.

Tissue Paper Flower

You can add embellishments like glitter to your flower if needed. The simpler the better is my call.


  1. Dear Ramya,

    My daughter and I enjoyed looking at your paper flowers and doing them. You have given such simple, clear instructions! Do you get crepe paper in light shades anywhere in Chennai? Many thanks for your lovely ideas.

    Best wishes,


    • Hey Thanks Ramya… Good to know that the tuts were useful…You could try RS Shopping in Adyar Chennai…Those guys have crepe paper in almost all colors….have fun!!

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