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Eye Mask

How to make an Eye Mask

Masks are fun and easy to make. This is a step by step tutorial which will show you how to make the typical black eye mask for your next masquerade party. Let’s begin.

Glimpse of the Result:

Eye Mask

For this you will need:

  1. Chart paper
  2. Sparkle Glue
  3. Plastic gems or rhinestones
  4. Scissors
  5. Thread or string

How To:

Step 1:

Take a rectangular piece of chart paper. This should be suitable for the mask you would be making. A paper of length 18 to 20 cms should be suitable for an eye mask for an adult.

Step 2:

Fold the paper in two halves.

Step 3:

Draw the mask outline for one eye on the folded paper.

Step 4:

Cut the chart paper along the outline made.

Step 5:


Step 6:

Paint the eye mask in the base color of the mask. I’ve painted the mask using black acrylic color.

Step 7:

Using glue, paste rhinestones around the mask like an outline. Use a different plastic jewel of appropriate color at the center.

Step 8:

Make a design around the eye using silver sparkle glue.

Allow it to dry for some time.

Step 9:

Punch a hole at both ends of the mask.

Step 10:

Tie a string at both the ends.

Black Eye Mask

Alternatively, you can make a silver stick and attach it to the mask to hold it instead of attaching a string. You can experiment with different styles and colors. Feathers and glitter can be used to make it more appealing to suit your style.


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