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Clay Turtle

Clay Turtle

Steps to create a cute little turtle using play clay.

Glimpse of the Result:

Clay TurtleStep 1:

The turtle will primarily consist of clay of two contrasting colors.

Step 2:

Make a ball out of the clay and shape it like a crater.

Step 3:

Take the other color and shape it like a shell. Place this on the crater.

Step 4:

Make a few small flat dots and place it on the shell.

Step 5:

Make the head for your turtle.

Step 6:

Flatten the head. Make the legs and tail for your turtle.

Step 7:

Make an egg shaped structure and place it to get a clearer three dimensional head.

Step 8:

Set eyes for your turtle and its done.

Clay Turtle



  1. Nice color combo! You can also use black beads or googly eyes instead of play clay.

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